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August 2022 Wrap-Up

August: my second annual Summer of (bookish) Love!


I had one goal for my August TBR: to read all the romances. So, picking up where I left off at the end of July, I started August with the second Bellinger Sisters book, Hook, Line, and Sinker–and if possible, I think I loved it even more than the first?! I think it comes down to connecting more to these characters–as much as I adored It Happened One Summer (and I did; gush coming soon!), I just related a lot more to Hannah and Fox than I did to Piper and Brendan. It helps that I’m a sucker for tiny, fiercely loyal, music-loving heroines (mostly because I am one), and reformed rakes. All the music references, being back in Westport, little visits from Piper… This book was a joy!


Just when I didn’t think I’d love an August book as much as Hook, Line, and Sinker, I read Book Lovers! And again, connection: I bled through Nora on every page. There’s something so heart-wrenchingly honest about how Emily Henry writes grief that hits in a way no other author does for me, and Nora’s experience with that made me love her more with every word. And then, and then, CHARLIE LASTRA. I’ve never read a love interest like him. I can’t put into words how much I swooned. And then, and then, and then, my favourite type of character interaction, though I hate the actual term: the banter! I cried finishing this book, and a huge part of that was because I was finishing it. It’s moved right into the bookshelf in my heart, where all the precious ones are eternally protected, and that’s that.


And finally–when the Book Lovers hangover faded–I moved onto my most-anticipated summer read: Something Wilder, by the inimitable CLo! I love this pair–I’ve gushed about several of their books, and you can find a compiled list here–so their latest release was one of the 2022 books I was most looking forward to, and of course, there was no way it was going to disappoint. As of queueing this post, I still haven’t finished it, because I just can’t deal with it ending!


And that was my August in books–one of my favourite reading months of the year! In September, I’m planning on reading the runners up from my 2022 March Madness–and then the spooky season can start…


How was your reading August?


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