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I am a:

Lifelong bookworm; aspiring author; unapologetic fangirl. Dog mom, fiancee, newbie bullet journaller; Halloween Town citizen, Simmer, Fire Pokemon trainer. Gryffindor, Herondale, Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger, Genovian; runner with vampires; girl on fire; Corporalki Healer for the Dregs (NMNF); loyal subject of Holly Black’s faerie court. Twenty-something finishing a Master’s degree in Creative Writing, desperate to escape my university’s bias for literary fiction and get back into the things I actually want to read (and write, and watch, and play). Celebrating by blogging it: book reviews; musings on movies and TV shows; maybe talking gaming; probably gushing about my dog; definitely delving far too deep into discussing Harry Potter.

Let’s have some fandom fun!  

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