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September Wrap-Up/October TBR

September: the month of the dreaded reading slump!

(I blame Edward Cullen.)


So the end of August saw me all Twilight-ed out, but beginning New Moon: and I think that’s where it all went downhill. I’d just read Midnight Sun, Twilight, and the Twilight graphic novels in a chapter-by-chapter relay (thoughts coming soon, to a Thoughtful Thursday near you!), while I worked my ass off for the last two weeks of my Master’s degree. The burnout from the work and intense reading made me too exhausted to be invested in New Moon.


It took me twenty-two days to read New Moon, which is so long it’s unprecedented for me–so by the time I finished it, I only had time to plough on with another vampire series I’m rereading: book 10 in the True Blood series, Dead in the Family. This one broke the slump! I like that Sookie has an agenda (albeit a murderous one), I love the additional Eric content, and I see what you did, Charlaine Harris, with those little hints at the TV series, like ‘Bad Things’ (the True Blood theme tune) being played in Merlotte’s. Two fangs up!


And that was my extremely sparse September in books! Slow and very flimsy, but I’ve got big plans for October that will hopefully shake me out of this slump: a month of Halloween reads!


What’s your bookish October looking like?

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