Thoughts on Twilight and Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, Chapters 1-2

So for a while now, I’ve been blogging my chapter-by-chapter thoughts on my Harry Potter series reread. My thoughts on Goblet of Fire just wrapped up (check them out here!), and I thought it’d be the perfect time to take a short break from Potter and share some thoughts on my recent read of Twilight and Midnight Sun instead, what with the recent renaissance and all–so, grouped by corresponding chapters as best as I can, here we go!




  1. God, I love this.


Chapter 1: First Sight

  1. Straight off the bat, here’s something no one gives Bella credit for: she can be witty. The first personal comment she makes is that she’s wearing her favourite, sleeveless shirt as a farewell gesture to Phoenix, and her plane carry-on item is a parka. It’s amusing!
  2. Also, she has far more agenda and borderline snobbishness than anyone gives her credit for. She lives in Phoenix; her father lives in Washington; and instead of visiting him every summer, she ‘put her foot down’ and made them vacation together in California. How many teenagers could demand that and get away with that?
  3. I mean, it’s a bit of a dick move, and entirely unrelatable, but it does reinforce the whole born-middle-aged thing–which in turn makes it less odd for her to have such a connection with a 108-year-old-17-year-old.
  4. And on the subject of Charlie: that he comes over all embarrassed at Bella thanking him for buying her the truck is the first of many times I will want to give him a massive hug. He is such an underrated book dad.
  5. OH, MAN, I FORGOT–Bella has a modem and a phone jack in her room for internet, and a second-hand computer, and no mobile phone! Christ, the 00s. What a time.
  6. I was Bella’s age when I first read the books, just before Breaking Dawn came out, and I think that might be part of the reason I love this series so much.
  7. Bella turns up for her first day at school pale, with bags under her eyes from poor sleep; an outcast in a loud car who already knows the entire reading list and has learned most of the curriculum before. She’s already a Cullen.
  8. ‘I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one was going to bite me.’ I see you, Smeyer. I see you.
  9. ‘“It doesn’t rain much [in Phoenix], does it?” “Three or four times a year.” “Wow, what must that be like?” “Sunny.”’ Witty Bella! Also snobbish Bella!
  12. !
  13. I swear, every time I read this bit I’m back in the cinema, cheering when the Cullens do their cheesy walks into the cafeteria, and I regret nothing.
  14. I was not prepared for how much reading this would hit me in the feels. It’s like sinking into a hot bath on a cold day; like curling up with a warm blanket and a cocoa while the rain hits the window; like seeing friends you haven’t seen in a decade and feeling all the old love come washing over you.


Chapter 2: Open Book

  1. As someone who owns a Golden Retriever, I feel real defensive of the breed when Bella compares Mike to one.
  2. Mike wishes.
  3. Also: Arizona! How you likin’ da rain, gurl?
  4. If you know, you know.
  5. I really like that Bella does the grocery shopping and cooks a full meal for her and Charlie’s dinner. It’s such an unusual thing.
  6. I understand that they made Bella seem more teenage in the movie by having her and Charlie eat in the diner—and that it allowed them to insert humorous Mike moments, and a Smeyer cameo, and everyone’s favourite Buttcrack Santa—but I do miss the home-cooking vibes.
  7. The idea of Charlie saying ‘those adopted Cullen kids’ are ‘well-behaved’ is hilarious when you know them.
  8. Hold the phone again: I think page 37 marks the first use of the word ‘dazzling’!
  9. I feel like celebrating it somehow.


Midnight Sun

Chapter 1: First Sight

  2. Okay. Be cool.
  3. And be honest: back in the day, when we read Midnight Sun as a PDF on Smeyer’s website, how many of us related hardcore to Edward describing high school as purgatory?
  4. I wish we had an Edward’s First Morning of School the way we have Bella’s. I want more Cullens.
  5. And Hales. Of course.
  6. And poor Jasper; the one who always looks like he’s in pain, because he always is.
  7. What does it say about me that I always had a massive crush on Jasper?
  8. Hopefully just that I also always wanted to be Alice.
  9. A lady I used to work with once said I was ‘like the sister in Twilight’, ‘little and dark haired and always dashing about from place to place getting everything done before anyone can realise it needs doing’, and it’s been seven years, and I still honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a nicer compliment.
  10. I really like that Jessica thinking Edward’s name has him looking from across the cafeteria. It’s such a natural, logical detail that might otherwise have been really easy to miss.
  11. I also love that Edward, upon discovering he can’t hear Bella’s thoughts, freaks out that he’s losing his mind-reading abilities. I don’t remember that being in the PDF, but whether it was or not, I like the detail.
  12. I always say Twilight is a romance book with vampires, not a vampire book; but several pages of Edward planning to murder an entire class just to be able to drink Bella’s blood throws a spanner into the works of that theory.
  13. But that he literally runs away to Alaska rather than risk smelling her again says SO MUCH about what a massive ball of anxiety Edward is.
  14. I mean, I’m not condoning it, and it was never going to happen, but Emmett’s thing of you want it? Eat it! would’ve been a lot quicker.


Chapter 2: Open Book

  1. I know Tanya was absolutely decimated in every Twilight fanfic, but I always liked her. Edward could’ve used some humour in his life, and Tanya cannonballing her way over to him and scattering him with snow sure serves that.
  2. Also that Edward has to speak to interrupt the swarm of Tanya’s thirsty thoughts is just hilarious.
  3. I have a headcanon that Tanya and Emmett get on like an absolute pair of frat bros, and I love it.
  4. Tanya and Emmett on a cloudy spring break is a fanfic I need to read.
  5. Tanya deserves love, and Emmett would make a great wingman.
  6. Also a great frat bro, given how he can apparently crack brick by throwing ice at it.
  7. Emmett mentally referring to Edward as ‘brother mine’ is yet another sign that he was drastically underused in the original novels, and I hope this one will fix it.
  8. Oh, God. In one conversation—their first conversation—Edward makes two slip ups in what information he should and shouldn’t know about Bella, and insults Bella’s scientific knowledge. How on earth can people argue that he’s some smooth and perfect Adonis? He’s a bumbling ball of anxiety desperately trying to cover it up, just like the rest of us.
  9. That conversation sure seems smoother on Bella’s part when Edward’s telling it, though—and smoother on Edward’s when Bella’s telling it. They’re both just big old awkward dorks, and I love them for it.

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  1. I just couldn’t wait for my trip home to start reading this, which might’ve been a mistake because I’m **dying** 🤣🤣🤣 Humorous snobbish Bella is even better when you point her snobbishness out, and overly anxious Eddie wanting to murder his entire class was absolute perfection! I just couldn’t get enough of him and his spiraling thoughts! And OMG, Emmett and Tanya fanfiction was something I never knew I needed in my life… I can’t wait to get to the rest of these! 🤗

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