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July 2021 Wrap-Up

July: little reading, but powerful reading!


You know those months where you just… Don’t read much? This month was one of those for me–and I honestly blame My Dark Vanessa. I got this on Kindle in case I wanted to give it the Joey-Tribbiani-hide-it-in-the-fridge treatment, rather than having to look at it on my shelf–and Christ, was I right to do it. This was an incredibly uncomfortable read: I felt sick to my stomach reading it–I could actually taste that pre-vomit, I am not exaggerating–and it made my skin crawl. I can’t recommend it, as such–it’s too sensitive a topic–but I do feel it’s excellently written and hugely important. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely not. Is it then a ‘bad’ book? God, no. Do I have endless amounts of respect for the author? Solid yes.

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My Dark Vanessa gave me such a huge book hangover, it took me ages to actually pick up another book; but when I did, I looked for something sweet, light, and funny, and I found that and more in Leah on the Offbeat. I know she’s polarising, but I have been Leah–tetchy, awkward about confessing any feelings, using sarcasm as a defence mechanism, worrying about not being good enough, scared of being left behind–so I fucking adored her. Gush coming soon!

Of course, reading Leah also meant I could carry on with my birthday book haul, with Love, Creekwood. It was complete fluffy fan service, and I think that’s an excellent idea. The novella we all deserve.


And finally, in the last few days of July, I started another book from my birthday haul: The Honey-Don’t List. From the first page of Honey, it was obvious this is exactly what I need to read right now–and I’m adoring it.


I have no planned TBR for August, except my ever-ongoing plan to read romances all summer. So here’s to that!


How was your reading July–and what’s your bookish August looking like?

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  1. July was reasonably good for me, though I ended up speed-reading some graphic novels at the end of the month to fit into readathon prompts I hadn’t finished yet. πŸ˜‰ I’m planning to be more relaxed about my reading in August, and hopefully get to some mysteries that I got from the library. The start of fall feels like the perfect time to read mysteries!

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    1. That is working very smart, and I applaud it πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‚ and YES, there’s something so cosy about a mystery that makes it perfect for fall! Which mysteries are you hoping to read?


    1. It’s just a really hard thing to recommend–the subject matter is so triggering, and it’s written in an extremely, uncomfortably realistic way. That said, it’s really well written, and I have a TON of respect and admiration for the author for doing it and how she’s done it! I think it really depends on how well you handle the subject. (I absolutely could not have read IT. Clowns are where I draw the line, haha!)


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