June 2021 Wrap-Up

June: when I abandoned all my TBR plans in favour of a book haul!


I feel like I spoke about it all month, specifically here, here, and here–but I had a milestone birthday in June, and decided to treat myself: for the first time in years, I did myself a book haul! Of course, all my carefully crafted TBR plans went out of the window as soon as I got the new books… But before that, I did try to stick out my TBR plans with The Wicked Deep. (And I’m never stepping foot in a body of water again.)


After finishing The Wicked Deep, along came my birthday and the haul–and I did not have the restraint to wait out the new things. I started with Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Datingwhich, I’m sorry, should’ve been called Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Being Fucking Adorable. (Gush soon!)


I read Josh and Hazel through Kindle; after which I was craving the comfort of a good old hardback book. I also wanted to actually read a hyped book before the hype fades–so I moved on to Malibu Rising. I’ll say two things about this book: Nina Riva deserves the world, and I would never have expected to loathe a celebrity character of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s until I met Mick Riva. 🤮


Finally, in the last few days of June, I started Mexican Gothic! I haven’t finished this one yet, but can we talk about the sheer beauty of that cover? 😍


I learned my lesson from my failed TBR for this month: I have exactly zero concrete plans for July, except to enjoy what I read! But in case you’re curious, this was my June birthday haul:

More on this soon!


How was your reading June–and what’s your bookish July looking like?

5 thoughts on “June 2021 Wrap-Up

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  1. That’s a great haul—and happy belated birthday! I also have pretty much trashed my monthly/seasonal TBRs, instead having only a list of 12 books I want to read in 2021. Hopefully I can manage an average of one of them a month, right?? 😉

    I agree, Mexican Gothic has an amazing cover!

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    1. Thank you! 🥳❤️
      That seems like a very achievable TBR plan! And doubly clever because if you veer off, it wasn’t super detailed and long-winding anyway 😉

      Seriously! That cover is everything.


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