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October 2022 Wrap-Up

October: Season of the Vampire (Academy)!


So, as mentioned in my September Wrap-Up, I decided that my September TBR would be made entirely of runners-up from my March Madness 2022 bracket (where you guys voted all March to decide my April TBR–you can see the results here!). March Madness involved four categories of books: Fantasy, Romance, Backlist, and Re-Reads. I read the rest in September, but saved the Fantasy category runner up, Vampire Academy, for October, because Halloween–which was also the perfect excuse to continue with the rest of the series, and have myself a little spooky Season of the Vampire!

I made it halfway through the series in October, and here are some of my thoughts so far:

  • Zoey Deutch was an excellent movie Rose (no shade on the TV actress; I haven’t got the subscription service, so I haven’t watched the series!)
  • I would read an entire retelling of the series as Lissa x Christian/Grumpy x Sunshine vampiric romcom
  • Nice guys (looking at you, poor Mason) really never win in a vampire world
  • and this series really makes me nostalgic for my Golden Era of YA, when they were published!


And that was my October in books! Onto November, when I have no idea how much I’ll read, because I’ll be prioritising one of my favourite times of year: National Novel Writing Month!


How was your reading October?


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