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Making Halloween (2022) πŸŽƒ

‘Making Christmas’ from The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack… But make it Halloween. πŸŽƒ


Reader, I have a confession: there is very little that gives me joy quite like planning for the seasons. Which is why I’ve been looking forward to this content all year! For the third year running, I present to you, the results of being a busybody crafter who always gets carried away: my 2022 Halloween/autumn crafts!

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Halloween Candles

This is a peak example of how I snowball. I thought I’d do a Halloween colours layer candle, and some wax melts, and be done with it. Then I had the idea for a pumpkin patch that smelled like pumpkin spice. Then a haunted house candle that secretly hid my melts. Then I found glass skull salt and pepper shakers, and wanted to use them as containers for witchy protection candles (sticky toffee pudding- and chocolate fudge-scented). The ideas run away from me, and leave me giggling with glee, even as I’m sprinting to catch up.

(But can we talk about how perfectly the haunted house turned out?! It smells like lime, basil, and mandarin, and has a little wax moon and botanical garden path–and oh, yeah, it’s layered, with hidden witch hat and ghost melts that’ll reveal as I burn it. OBSESSED.)


Halloween Wax Melts

By some miracle, I actually managed to stay on track and not get too carried away making too many wax melts! We’ve got pumpkin-scented pumpkins; lavender and lemon-scented witch hats and ghosts; black cherry-scented bat and black cat melts, the latter complete with green crystal embedded eyes; and not forgetting my rose-scented skulls, which have tiny chips of red wax hidden inside, so they’ll look like they’re bleeding when they melt. ‘Tis the season!

(Also pictured: voodoo doll necklaces and pumpkin photo holders I made years ago, out of polymer clay, and still ADORE.)


Halloween/Autumnal Decorations

And finally, all the things that happened when I really got carried away! I couldn’t just leave the salt and pepper lids of the skull candles on show–so what else but to give them little witch hats? (Though no joke, simple as the hat looks, it took hours to figure out the measurements for it. I am no mathematician, that’s for sure.) On top of that, I kept seeing these adorable felt pumpkins on Pinterest, and had to give them a go–and they’re so addictive to make, I can see myself getting carried away right through November, and making a whole autumnal garland of them…

And while we’re on the subject of unintended crafts: I hadn’t intended to make autumnal candles, but here we are! I’ve already burned the autumn leaf candle (as you can see–that orange candle in the second photo is in fact the same candle as in the first photo!), and it was glorious. Four perfect layers: the top was cream-coloured and coffee-scented; then a layer that was orange-coloured and pumpkin-scented; caramel-coloured with sticky toffee pudding fragrance; and chocolate brown with apple cinnamon scent. I saved extra wax leaves, and plucked off the botanicals and crystals before each burn, so I could pop them back on when it had re-set, and redecorate the top every entire time. It was perfect. As for the wool ball candles: we’ve got red apple fragrance for the red ball, pumpkin spice for the orange, woodsmoke and leather for the mustard, and caramel for the brown. I’m burning the balls in the mug, so that the wax that doesn’t melt (as pillar candles never fully do) will resettle, and I’ll be able to light it again, when the mug is full. If this works, it’ll be genius!


And that brings this year’s autumn crafting to a close! Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and having these to burn/look at has made me so happy, it seems like a huge act of self-love to create these little joys for myself. And that, not to get too cheesy about it, seems like the most magical thing of all.

Have you crafted anything this Halloween? What would your dream project be?

Happy spooky season, everyone!


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  1. I’m still beyond obsessed with your candles, and your other decorations are adorable, too! 🀩 I am afraid I can’t compete at all, but I am going to carve pumpkins with my brother later today, so maybe it’s a start! πŸ˜‚

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