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September 2022 Wrap-Up

September: a month of reading my March Madness 2022 runners-up!


As is apparently becoming an annual tradition for me, I decided that my September TBR would be made entirely of runners-up from my March Madness 2022 bracket (where you guys voted all March to decide my April TBR–you can see the results here!). March Madness involved voting over four categories of books: Fantasy, Romance, Backlist, and Re-reads. I’m leaving the Fantasy category runner up, Vampire Academy, for October, because Halloween, vampires, etc–so that left three books for September.

To linger out my summer romance binge, I started off September with the Romance runner-up: Get a Life, Chloe Brown. It was as cute as its cover (though it did keep me waiting on the fate of Chloe and Smudge the cat for FAR too long), but whooee, those spicy scenes! I think I’m learning, with each romance I read, exactly how much spice this English prude can take–now I just have to learn to stop reading spicy books over meals, lest I choke on my morning toast. 😅


It made sense to turn next to my Backlist winner, because am I the only one who thinks of autumn when they see moody murder mysteries? It was perfect timing to read super atmospheric The Lies They Tell, set in a beach town, just as summer died off. If you’re looking for a reason to be glad it’s not summer… This one’s it!


And finally, heading into October and the spooky season, I turned to my Re-reads runner up: Wicked! It’s been almost a decade since I read this, but I’ve been enjoying it so much, I’ve been flying through it–I might even actually catch up with my Goodreads Challenge if I keep up this pace…


And that was my September in books! Onto October, Vampire Academy, and my 2022 spooky season TBR theme: the Season of the Vampire!


How was your reading September?


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