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KaNoWriMo Part 2: A July 2022 Writing Experiment

Backstory: these last few years have been tough, right? And we’ve all been clinging to every bit of goodness we can? I know I have–which was why, last December 1st, I made a radical decision to infuse my 2022 with more joy. I’d just finished a month of solid joy with my 13th consecutive November National Novel Writing Month, and I wondered–why am I not doing this several times a year?!

So, because I can’t have an idea without committing EVERYTHING to it, I planned my own NaNoWriMos for March and July 2022–but with the goal of writing 30,000 words, not 50,000 words, because I’m not a complete masochist. I call it KaNoWriMo! (Because my first name begins with K. K’s Novel Writing Month. Novel, novel-writing month. The wordplay goes on).

Well, I did it in March (results on that here!), and now I’ve done it again in July! I reached my target of 30,000 words, but didn’t go over it hugely, the way I did in March (for which I mostly blame July being a hellfire month, but more on that here). Ultimately, I think I’ve learned why NaNoWriMo runs in November, and then Camp NaNo in April–two writing months, six months apart, seems a much better model than three a year. Still, I’m glad I did it–and as I did in March, to celebrate, I’m doing something I see people do every NaNo but never get around to doing myself. I’m sharing some writing data!



For July’s KaNo, I accidentally fell into the decision to revisit all of my WIPs. Which as it turns out, rounds out to an even balance of genres!



God, this looks complicated–but that’s what I get for working on just about every WIP I’ve ever had. Not that I regret that decision in the slightest (I am all about the nostalgia, and felt all the warm and fuzzies all month long). If anything, I’m surprised and proud that I kept such an even balance of KaNo words over the twelve projects!


Weekly Word Count

Here’s something else that’s interesting: I got some momentum back on the last day of July that carried over into the first day of August–during which I wrote more than the entire week before it. On the one stat I can’t track. Go figure.


Word Count

And finally, the number that matters the most! My overall KaNoWriMo July 2022 word count was–drum roll…

🌟33,122! 🌟


Well, compiling that data was fascinating to me, if nothing else! What writing milestones have you hit lately? And if you’re a regular data-hoarder for your writing, what tips do you have for a newbie interested in the process…?

6 thoughts on “KaNoWriMo Part 2: A July 2022 Writing Experiment

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  1. That sounds like you had a great writing month! One of the stats that I always intend to track (and yet never remember to at the time) is how many words I wrote each day of the week. For example, do I do the bulk of my writing over the weekends? Or on a weekday? Since I still have a M-F 8-5 job, it’s something that I’ve been curious about. Maybe I’ll remember to track that next time I do NaNo.

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    1. Thank you! I did mark down which days I wrote and how much on wrote on each, so I could check that stat… I’d be quite interesting to consider why, too. Whether it’s having the time to sit down at the laptop, or having to dive to it in some bout of inspiration! I’d be interested to see your version if you do track it for NaNo 🙂


      1. I’m really not sure if I’ll be able to do NaNo this year, but I do plan to track that stat whenever I do NaNo (or other serious writing) again. This fall/winter is looking like it’s going to be REALLY busy IRL for me, though, so I’m anticipating no time for NaNo.

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