July 2022 Wrap-Up

July: the return of the dreaded reading slump.


I knew July would be a slim reading month, because I had another writing experiment planned (more on the first of those here!), which would take up a lot of my time–but I wasn’t expecting to be hit by a huge reading slump on top of that.


First and foremost, I wanted to read the final of my March Madness winners this month, and I did finish Red Queen–after which I spent thirteen days without reading at all. There were heatwaves, and unexpected hospital trips, and various other miseries that overtook my energy, and of course I was pouring what I had left into writing–but I had no inclination to read at all, even when I tried. But then, when all hope felt lost…

Along came It Happened One Summer! I forced myself to start this, to be proactive and get an early jump on my Summer of Love August TBR (see: all the romances). And I was so glad I did. It’s one of the fastest, easiest, most fun books I’ve read all year–not only have I loved and laughed at every page, I’ve zoomed through it. Reading slump officially banished–Tessa Bailey, you’re my hero!


And that was my July in books! Here’s to all the romance joy in August, starting with the sequel to It Happened One Summer


How was your reading July?

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      1. hahahaha, right?!?! I can deal if it’s not 150 degrees outside. I mean.. I’m exaggerating but am I? Bc if you can’t stand to step outside then it doesn’t matter. lol

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