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Fangirl Friday: Favourite Reads of 2022 (So Far!)


I spent some time last year looking back on every book I read over the previous decade, and figuring out my favourites from each month. It was so interesting to do, I kind of miss doing it–so I figured, why not carry on? Here’s all my bookish highlights from 2022–so far!


January (wrap-up here): Fire by Kristen Cashore
In January, I reread the whole original Graceling trilogy in preparation for the fourth in the series; and it really struck me just how much I loved Fire. It gets a special mention as the first (but not last) read of 2022 to make me cry!

February (wrap-up here): Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
In February, as part of my Valentine’s romance-athon, I finally caught up with the rest of the world and read Tweet Cute–and realised just how much I’d been missing. Gush here!

March (wrap-up here): Face It by Debbie Harry
As mentioned here, I was undertaking writing experiment in March, so I only read one book that I knew wouldn’t interfere with my writing headspace: the Debbie Harry memoir, Face It!

April (wrap-up here): Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo
As well as a writing experiment, I also spent March undertaking my second bookish March Madness for my followers to decide my April TBR! Wonder Woman was the winner from the Backlist category, and my favourite April read.

May (wrap-up here): Persuasion by Jane Austen
In May, I decided my entire TBR (and To Be Watched) would be Regency-themed. How could an Austen not top that list?

June (wrap-up here): Book of Night by Holly Black
And most recently, I postponed reading Book of Night after its May release to be able to read it over my birthday weekend in June. What a whirlwind ride that was–but can we expect anything less of Holly Black?


What are your bookish highlights of 2022?


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