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Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Romances I Want to Read This Summer 

Created by and with thanks to That Artsy Reader! This week’s theme is a freebie, so I’ve decided to use it to plot out my favourite part of my summer TBR: all my summer loving romances!


1. It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey
It has summer in the title. Of course I have to read it in summer!

2. Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert
I wanted to read this one this year anyway, as it’s a March Madness runner up–so why not do it now and tackle two TBRs with one book?

3. Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne
I’ve just plain been excited to read this for a while, and waiting for the excuse. (Also: can we talk about how cute those turtles on the cover are?!)

4. Book Lovers by Emily Henry
Because it’s got summer in the tag line, and I need to read it before the hype becomes inpenetrable!

5. The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon
I got sucked into this from the Kindle sample, but I couldn’t read it at the time because of my meticulously-organised Valentine’s TBR. Now I can finally return to it, I might start summer here…


Have you ever done a Summer of Love TBR?


45 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Romances I Want to Read This Summer 

Add yours

    1. Ooh, that’s interesting–it’s usually the sequel that isn’t as well-liked! I find Emily Henry romances to be a little darker than the average romcom–did you find that with Book Lovers?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I was surprised.

        There was just something missing for me. I know what you mean, although a lot of romances seem to have a dark side – maybe that’s why I have started to like them!

        With Book Lovers there were a lot of throw away comments about things that I had no idea what they were about so I had to look them up which whilst it was interesting, it did slow things down a bit!


      2. I get that! Sometimes I want something moodier, sometimes I just need something light. The beauty of romance is that there’s always something for everyone, haha!

        That’s interesting, though, the balance between trusting the reader and not overpiling jargon on.

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      3. Honestly I don’t know. I am absolutely gutted. Before that happened it was on track to being the best book I had read this year and then the non ending.


    1. Thank you! I love a good mystery novel, especially in the darker months when it’s a little spookier! What romcoms have you read and enjoyed lately? (Always looking for recs!)


      1. I read No Ex Before Marriage by Portia MacIntosh a couple of days ago. Really loved it.
        I am currently reading One Last Day of Summer by Shari Low. I have liked her previous books. This one is good so far. 🙂

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