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Flashback Friday: ‘Vultures’

Welcome to Flashback Fridays!

A blog series where I share poems, short stories, and other pieces I wrote a while ago, and am revisiting now! (Check out the masterlist here–and the masterlist of Freewrites, pieces of recent writing, here!)


This month’s Flashback: ‘Vultures’!

I’m not a poet–not in the slightest–but this one comes from a 200-word poetry collection I had to write for a mandatory module in my Creative Writing degree. I wrote this one just after reading Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom, and I think it shows. 🙃



An understanding to do no good;

planting and nurturing an ugly seed.

Misdeeds, stampedes, bowing down to greed –

a little trouble in your neighbourhood.

A plan to reap, to recompense;

a carefully congregated coup;

a dupe. Regroup: gather the troops

for a new distribution of expense.

Territorial circles culled;

the parts of the whole

stole with the role of control.

Extortion in full.

Walking targets no more –

profited from the score.

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    1. Thank you for the tag! I always pine over that Dorian Gray cover every time I see it—it’s the prettiest of the fabric covers for those colours alone 😍 (also: I read the book after watching the film, and pictured Ben Barnes the whole time. Recommend! 😂)


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