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Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Books I Wish Had an Epilogue

Created by and with thanks to That Artsy Reader! This week’s theme was an interesting one for a chronic overthinker. Are there books I think about long after reading, whose characters I can’t help but pine for? 100%. Does that necessarily mean I want an epilogue? Not even close. Sometimes I want a full sequel; other times, I think it’s perfect that I was left hanging a little. So here are three books I’d have loved an epilogue for, and two I’m glad don’t have one, even though the open endings drive me nuts

[Mild spoilers ahead!]


1. Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid
I just want to know what happens with Daisy and Billy afterwards, even in their old age. I don’t need another novel; just a few pages about them finally getting their happily ever after together, please.

2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Now, I know what you’re thinking: doesn’t the ending make this one impossible to epilogue? I hear your logical, valid argument, and counter it with: not if you do it like they did in Titanic. Just sayin’.

3. Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han
Just a little novella about post-college Lara Jean and Peter K. Just a little one, full of fluff and good things…


And now, two books I’m glad don’t have an epilogue…


4. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
The last chapter haunts me to this day, but in the best possible way. Sometimes not knowing is even better than knowing…

5. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
… Just like it is here, where ‘haunted’ is also an appropriate term!


Do you prefer an epilogue, or do you like a little bit of not knowing?

36 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Books I Wish Had an Epilogue

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  1. I’m definitely an epilogue person, where I love knowing what happens at the end, although sometimes I wonder what happens after the ending. I find it really difficult to let go of an especially moving story. I’ve seen Daisy Jones and the Six on a bunch of lists this week – maybe it’s time to move it up in priority on my TBR?

    Here’s my post for this week:

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    1. I definitely get that–sometimes I’m just not ready to let go of the characters or story! I really hope you enjoy Daisy Jones if you do push it up your TBR–it’s definitely stuck with me long after finishing!

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      1. Ha! I get that–I’m not a horror reader as a general rule, but I think I read this one at the perfect time to find that spine-tingling thing fun instead of something that made me want to hide the book in the freezer, haha!

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  2. I think it depends entirely on the tone of the book whether I want an epilogue or not. Mexican Gothic was indeed best without one! But sometimes contemporary-books-that-have-romantic-elements-but-aren’t-romances just need a little extra bit to show a touch more happy ending or resolution. It’s really hard to say, though, whether an epilogue would do the ending justice. (So many epilogues are sadly done really poorly.)

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    1. That’s an interesting thought–so many of the books I considered had to be left off because they already had epilogues, and most of them were romances. It’s interesting to consider needing the happy ending to that genre in particular! (But yes. An epilogue can be a dangerous thing 😅)


    1. I hope you enjoy it when you do! I thought it was a really cute way to end the series. It would be so interesting to check back in on them when they were no longer YA, too!


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