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Freewrite Fridays: A Masterlist, 2021-2022

Welcome to Freewrite Fridays!

Over the last year, I’ve been sharing pieces of flash fiction from different perspectives of a family I’m writing; travelling through the decades with them, and updating their family tree for each newly-introduced character. A year of doing that is a huge milestone for me, so I figured it’d be nice to look back over the year and collect the lot!

So, in order of timeline, here’s the as-yet-revealed family tree, and the Freewrites Masterlist!


Family Tree



  • In 1994, five-year-old Robert broke his stereo in response to the breaking of his family.
  • In 1997, a heavily-pregnant Kat picked her daughter up from nursery, and was treated to a well-intended, but unflattering, portrait!
  • In 2007, Jacqueline received an unwanted belated Christmas present from her least-favourite nephew (she might have deserved it).
  • In 2008, Alfie and his wife took their youngest granddaughter to the zoo, where Alfie was singled out by an animal with an unfortunate face…
  • … and later in 2008, Super Dad Aiden was stuck on laundry duty after a family holiday, and found interesting things in his son’s pockets
  • In 2014, university-bound Joe found himself at odds with his mother over driving lessons.
  • In 2019, family friend Ollie cosplayed Batman at a Comic-Con–
  • –where Sam, having had an extremely long-term crush on him, staged herself as his Catwoman!
  • And in 2019, Dot met her great-grandson for the first time–and it sent her down Memory Lane, wondering whether or not she’d like to be young again (spoiler alert: not really).


And we’re up-to-date! You can find an ongoing Masterlist of Freewrites here, soon to be updated with more family adventures. We’ll find out what happened with Robert’s family, then meet Sam’s Halloween-hearted sister, before rounding off with an adventurous office Christmas party…

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