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Flashback Friday: ‘Power of Three’

Welcome to Flashback Fridays!

A blog series where I share poems, short stories, and other pieces I wrote a while ago, and am revisiting now! (Check out the masterlist here–and the masterlist of Freewrites, pieces of recent writing, here!)


This month’s Flashback: ‘Power of Three’!

I’m not a poet–not in the slightest–but this one comes from a 200-word poetry collection I had to write for a mandatory module in my Creative Writing degree. I’m aware that–according to my tutor, anyway–poetry ought to have nuance and hidden meanings, and I don’t think this one does in the slightest… But I like it anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Power of Three

The power of three;

past, present, future;

triangle family tree.


Fervent divorcee,

One: phoenix from ash,

born anew from shed debris.


Fighting escapee,

Two: human suture,

shield of witty repartee.


Unborn entity,

Three: a cleared cache,

a new cause for jubilee.


Liberation through decree.

Heartbeat in timpani.

The future: she could be free.

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