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May 2022 Wrap-Up

May: the Regency month!


I’m not sure what I can say about Regency month that I didn’t already say here, but TL;DR, I love a theme, I love the Regency, I was starting to get Bridgerton FOMO, and so I decided to dedicate the whole of May to Regency fiction! That included watching a ton of Austen adaptations, and, of course, watching Bridgerton, but it also meant a lot of Regency reading. Starting with…

Bridgerton book one, The Duke and I! I’d watched Bridgerton season one before reading it (I know, how could I?!), so it was interesting to note the differences between the two formats–most notably the change in Daphne. I really enjoyed both, but re-watching the TV show afterwards, I really missed non-diamond, friend-zoned, tomboy-in-comparison Daphne of the book.


Taking a break between Bridgertons, I took Reputation on holiday with me. This is another one that falls victim to marketing–it’s not Bridgerton meets Fleabag, but Regency-ish Mean Girls–why did that not seem an equally effective tagline?!


I couldn’t let Regency month pass without reading an Austen, so I turned to the more-hyped option of the two I had left: Persuasion! I loved it–I’m yet to meet an Austen I didn’t like–but oddly enough not as a romance? Anne and Frederick are just no Lizzie and Darcy, or Emma and Knightley, or even Catherine and Henry. I also don’t think they had a tenth of the page time any of those other couples do, and maybe that’s what didn’t work for me… But Persuasion is an absolute masterclass as a character study, and I really enjoyed it as that!


And now, with days left in the Regency month, having finally watched season two, I turn to Bridgerton book two, The Viscount Who Loved Me! The show had everything I loved: enemies to lovers, families, banter, angst, slow burn–if the book is anything the same, I think I’ll like it even more than book one…


And that was my reading May! You can check out all the Regency viewings I watched here, as I move onto a mood-reading June, with a birthday haul to boot…


How was your reading May?

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    1. It really struck me as surprising for an Austen, because I usually rely on them for romance–I just did not really care at all about the romance in this one!


      1. Yes. I felt like it’s the only Austen where the romance not only largely took place off page, but felt like more tell than show. And it just left me feeling a bit 🤷🏻‍♀️


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