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KaNoWriMo: A March 2022 Writing Experiment

Backstory: these last few years have been tough, right? And we’ve all been clinging to every bit of goodness we can? I know I have–which was why, last December 1st, I made a radical decision to infuse my 2022 with more joy. I’d just finished a month of solid joy with my 13th consecutive November National Novel Writing Month, and I wondered–why am I not doing this several times a year?!

So, because I can’t have an idea without committing EVERYTHING to it, I planned my own NaNoWriMos for March and July 2022–but with the goal of writing 30,000 words, not 50,000 words, because I’m not a complete masochist. I call it KaNoWriMo! (Because my first name begins with K. K’s Novel Writing Month. Novel, novel-writing month. The wordplay goes on).

Well, March has come and gone, and Reader, I’m delighted to announce: I did it! In fact, I smashed it, beating my target of 30,000 words by over 10k, in spite of being knocked out for ten days with COVID. And I loved every second of it. (KaNo, not COVID. That was every shade of hell.) So to celebrate, I’m doing something I see people do every NaNo but never get around to doing myself. I’m sharing some writing data!



In all fairness, these genres had a lot of crossover–but it’s interesting to see them laid out like this, because I definitely would’ve assumed Romance would have been the largest segment in this chart!



I worked on five projects during this KaNoWriMo, and of those five, I only intended to work on two–and those two take up two of the smaller segments! More surprising yet is that Project Two takes up so much of the chart, when I hadn’t worked on it for over five years, and in fact wouldn’t have gone back to it at all if not for a literal dream halfway through March… Fate!


Weekly Word Count

Here’s what’s interesting: for most NaNoWriMos, I do the biggest chunk of writing in Week 1, when I have the most momentum (and time blocked out to get ahead, and save myself from can’t-catch-up anxiety through the rest of the month). But I clearly hit my stride in Week 2 for KaNo!


Word Count

And finally, the number that matters the most! My overall KaNoWriMo March 2022 word count was–drum roll…

🌟 40,190! 🌟


Well, compiling that data was fascinating to me, if nothing else! What writing milestones have you hit lately? And if you’re a regular data-hoarder for your writing, what tips do you have for a newbie interested in the process…?

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    1. Thank you! I feel like there were more stats I could’ve tracked, but it only occurred to me after the month 😅 you do great reading stats, so it would be interesting to see how you found writing stats!


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