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March 2022 Wrap-Up

March: a one-book month!


I knew March was going to be a month of limited reading, because of a writing experiment I’m conducting in 2022–where I take my love of National Novel Writing Month every November and duplicate it in March and July (but writing 30,000 words, not 50,000–I’m not a complete masochist). Writing 30,000 words in a month sucks up a lot of free–and therefore reading–time, so I knew I’d only read one big book this month: the Debbie Harry memoir, Face It!

Debbie Harry needs no introduction from me–she’s the heart, soul, and voice of Blondie, and an absolute icon. I’ve been in love with her music for at least two decades, so it was very interesting to read more about her life, finally in her own words–I’m seeing Blondie live in May, and safe to say I’ll be seeing them in a whole new light!


But that, of course, was my whole (sparse) reading March! Thanks to the March Madness I ran throughout the month, I already know what my April TBR looks like–but you can check that out here!


How was your reading March?

6 thoughts on “March 2022 Wrap-Up

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  1. I love Blondie and Debbie Harry. She was popular when I was a teenager and young adult and I just loved her. Call Me! Heart of Glass, One Way or Another, they are all so good. I’m so envious that you get to see her live too.

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    1. They really are, each album could be a greatest hits! The concert I’m going to was postponed because of the pandemic, so it still doesn’t feel completely real that I actually will see them, haha.


    1. I’ve never actually done Camp NaNo—this was a version of it just for myself in March, so I’ve actually just finished it! I loved every bit of it. I really should think about Camp NaNo for next year!


      1. I imagine why that’d be a comfort for a lot of people! I always forget about it until it’s too late to prepare for it, haha. I really enjoyed my own version at least, yes!


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