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February 2022 Wrap-Up

February: a month of feeling the bookish love!


I’ve been looking forward to my February TBR for a long time. An entire month of romance? Thank you kindly! I jumped right in with the much-hyped The Love Hypothesis, which was as cute as its cover. (Bonus points for featuring a lot of my favourite tropes–fake dating, grumpy x sunshine, and (almost) there’s only one bed!)


When I bought Hypothesis, it was a correction of an earlier mix-up: thinking I’d bought it already, but realising I’d confused it with the book I’d actually bought, The Kiss Quotient. As I was already grouping them together, and they both had fake dating and female characters in STEM, I went straight into Quotient after Hypothesis, and enjoyed it just as much. (Though fair warning: don’t read this over breakfast. Not unless you want to be blushing furiously into your toast.)


Seeking something a little more PG after Quotient, I poked around my contemporary YA romances–and hoo, boy, did I strike gold! I have a feeling Tweet Cute will overshadow every YA I read for the foreseeable future–it was so cute, so well written, the characters so vivid and funny and understandable… I’m going to stop there, because I have a feeling I’ll be gushing about this one soon, but suffice to say I adored it!


And finally, with days to spare, I’m starting my final Valentine’s read: the newly released Delilah Green Doesn’t Care! I’ve heard nothing but good about this in the 12 hours it’s been out, so I’m very excited…


And that was my reading February! On to a mood-reading March–with something very special planned for the blog…


How was your reading February?

16 thoughts on “February 2022 Wrap-Up

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      1. I would, though with the disclaimer that none of them were very steamy. (Some may find that a good thing, others may not.) Good Neighbors (Stephanie Burgis) was a really fun one, and was my favorite read of Feb. I also liked the Cursed Luck duology (Kelley Armstrong) but that is more of an Urban Fantasy Romance. Or of course, there’s always Sorcery & Cecelia (Patricia Wrede & Caroline Stevermer) if you’re looking for a Historical Fantasy Romance.


      2. Honestly, that could be a good thing for me after a February unintentionally full of steamy reads, haha! I’ll have to look into them–I’ve been looking for a way back into fantasy, and romance might just be it!


  1. What a great reading month! I finally picked up a copy of The Love Hypothesis and fingers crossed I get to it this month. Loved The Kiss Quotient! And Tweet Cute is waiting on my shelf, as well. Happy to hear you loved all of these!

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