2021: A Year in Blogs

Ah, 2021: the year that saw 2020’s efforts and said, “Hold my beer.”

Without wanting to dwell on that any longer than strictly necessary, I had a lot of blogging highlights in a low year, and here they are!



As ’tis the season every January, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the year that had just passed.



In February, because also ’twas the season, I got romantic.



March was a month of two things: the Grishaverse, and my first ever March Madness!

  • For Top Ten Tuesday, I thought about what books I wanted to read over spring (three of which I eventually read).
  • But then my blog was taken over by running a March Madness bracket, where my followers picked my April TBR! This was so much fun, I’m already excited for the second one in two months’ time–you can see the rounds of voting here!
  • March’s Best of the Decade winner came as no real surprise to me, as I’d already gushed about it on the blog, a year before.
  • And March’s wrap-up was dominated, as mentioned, by the Grishaverse!



April’s blog seemed to bring together all the results from the last month.



May was a month of trying to find bookish balance.



June was a month heavy on all the feels, with my turning 30 making me all emotional!

  • It started on Top Ten Tuesday, where I spoke about books that mean a lot to me…
  • … and continued over three Fangirl Fridays, where I spoke about characters, fictional worlds, and books that made me the person (30-year-old!) I am today.
  • Even June’s Best of the Decade was emotional, with the winner being a birthday gift that made me happy-cry!
  • And then there was June’s wrap-up, which featured a lot of birthday gifts–a great bookish month all around!



The birthday goodness bled into July’s posts.



August saw a return to normality from the over-sentimentality… Mostly.



When I think about September, I think about taking the first holiday I’ve had in about a decade–but book-wise…



What else could October be filled with if not content for the spooky season, the most wonderful time of the year?



November is one of my favourite months of the year: National Novel Writing Month. But in terms of blogging…



Which brings us to the recently-passed December, and another month of summaries.



And that was my 2021 in blogs! What are some of the blogs or posts you’ve enjoyed the most this year?

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