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December 2021 Wrap-Up

December: the one where I read every festive romance I could squeeze in!


What else to start December with but a festive read I’ve been looking forward to since last Christmas? In a Holidaze was every single thing I wanted this season–cosy, cuddly, cute, quintessential CLo–but on top of that, it was unexpectedly nice. There was no heart-wrenching drama, nothing to be labelled as ‘uplifting’ because it wants to rip you apart and give you the slightest bit of hope at the ending; just pure joy. I was so sad to finish it, I started my reread the following day. Can they do a Halloween one next, please? (Gush here!)


After two reads, If the Fates Allow dragged me out of my Holidaze daze. The extended Fangirl universe? More Reagan? Another Rainbow festive short story? Sold, sold, sold. This is an extremely short story, but the romance was cute–and it was unexpectedly both harrowing and comforting to read about a COVID Christmas, with the ongoing state of the world!


And finally, around the Christmas chaos, I managed to squeeze in one last festive romance: The Holiday Swap! I think this was the book I saw the most on Bookstagram this season, and I’m just waiting to be able to see the Netflix movie posters for it, because it has to come, right?



And that was my December reading! I got a few books for Christmas, so 2022 is setting up to be a promising reading year…


How was your reading December–and what’s your bookish January (or 2022) looking like?

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