Flashback Friday: ‘Crucible’

Welcome to Flashback Fridays!

I’ve been considering some changes lately–blame turning 30, or the pandemic, or finally recovering from the exhaustion of undertaking two degrees, one right after the other–specifically about what I want to do with my life. Which is the same answer it’s always been: write.

And I’ve been coming to terms with the concept that I haven’t been prioritising that, or taking it as seriously as I should. It also occurred to me that I have the perfect platform to become more comfortable with doing it: right here! So I’m going to be posting things I’ve written twice every month: in Freewrites (more on those another Friday), and Flashbacks–pieces I wrote a while ago, and am revisiting now. (Wish my anxiety luck.)


For the first Flashback Friday: ‘Crucible’!

I’m not a poet–not in the slightest–but I had to take a poetry module as part of my degree, and I wound up actually liking some of the poems I wrote (even if my tutor wasn’t as keen). ‘Crucible’ was put together from found poetry, and seems fitting to start Flashback Fridays with, given its subject matter!



What do you believe?

Being told what you should,

how you should, who you should;

working, training, bit by bit,

well-behaved, good, perfect, perfect;

dressed up, everything in place;

abiding by another set of rules

and restrictions. Experiences

outside of living. A woman format.

Conflict. The driving force

to do something different:

develop, as a person

you passionately believe in.

Hard work, really fun suffering–

someone exciting emerging,

improved, from the crucible.

I found my own self:

What do you think?

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