Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Reasons I Love Reading

Created by and with thanks to That Artsy Reader! This week’s prompt is something I’ve been considering in recent blog posts anyway–here, here, and here–but it’s nice to have a collective place to get closure on those thoughts!


1. Getting to travel to other worlds
Isn’t this why most people read? I can visit European palaces with American princesses, Scottish castles with English wizards, and Scandinavian Ice Courts with thieves and con artists–all without getting off my settee. (Which is good, because we’re in a pandemic, and I couldn’t go anywhere even if I wanted to).

2. Falling in love with characters–or finding myself in them
I’m an incurable romantic, and how else but in books can you snuggle up with Regency gentlemen or Faerie kings whenever you choose? On the other hand, as explored here, there’s nothing I love more about reading than finding my literary mirrors.

3. Writerly inspiration
I’ve wanted to be an author since I realised it was a thing a person could be; and only continuing to fall in love with great books has kept that dream alive. You write what you read like you are what you eat, right?

4. Getting to experience other ways of life
Whether that’s life in a different time, or country, or just from a different point of view to my own, reading helps me understand other people’s experiences. Readers are empaths, and I think that’s wonderful.

5. Living out infinite dreams infinite ways
Do I want to be a faerie queen, or a Genovian princess, or lead a revolution? Not really–I don’t want to leave my house unless it’s to walk my dog–but I get to experience all of those things, thanks to books. (And I don’t have to leave my house to do it. Double win!)


What do you love most about reading?

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