March Wrap-Up


March: the month where the Grishaverse continued its reign over my TBR…


I started March by continuing my Grishaverse reread, ahead of Rule of Wolves and the Netflix show, with my favourite of the series, and my favourite duology of all time: Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom! I have nothing but good things to say about every page–maybe except That Heartbreak at the end of Crooked Kingdom–but I’m filling April’s Fangirl Fridays with in-depth gushes on the whole series, so I’ll hold it in until then!

In five emojis: 🖤💰🤯😵🧨


Continuing the Grisha rereads, I read The Language of Thorns. I’d forgotten just how beautiful this collection is–those illustrations, and the fact that they change on every page, just make for such a stunning reading experience. I was also surprised that my favourites of the collection changed on reread–but more on that in April’s Grishaverse gushes…

In five emojis: 🥀🦊✨🔥🧜🏻‍♀️


And finally, I went onto King of Scars ahead of its sequel! Having reread the rest of the series so shortly before rereading this one, the biggest thing that struck me was all the Easter eggs. All the in jokes. And as a result of that, of course… All the feels. (Does it do anything except make me even more excited for Rule of Wolves? No, no it does not.)

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And that was my bookish March! April approaches, and brings an end to the Grishaverse reading with Rule of Wolves–and the rest of a TBR stack built entirely of March Madness winners picked by you!


How was your reading March–and what’s your bookish April looking like?

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  1. I’ve got Six pf Crows and Crooked Kingdom (won Six of Crows in a giveaway) and I really should read ’em!! I’ve heard a ton of good things about all her books…

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    1. 100% recommend them! The trilogy before that isn’t for everyone, but I recommend Six of Crows to just about everyone, haha. Hope you read them and enjoy them!


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