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The Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Georgia @ Lost in Neverland–she has some great reviews and responses to Top Ten Tuesdays, highly recommend checking her blog out!

This tag was created by Sumedha @ Wordy Habitat.


The Fantasy Winter Retreat Book Tag summary

You get to go on a week-long retreat to chill and have fun after the stressful 2020 experience. Set the scene of your dream winter retreat and, using the prompts, round up the characters you’d like to vacation with!

Step One: Travel destination and accommodation

I’ve been listening to a lot of folklore and evermore, and I just want to cosy up in a cottage somewhere with a decent-sized kitchen, a fireplace, lots of blankets, and a beautiful dog walking route. If it could be in a fantasy world where the weather changes at my whim, that’d be great. (If not, I’ll settle for snow. 😂)


Step Two: Who’s Joining!?

A fun character whose presence would cheer up any situation

Wouldn’t Nina Zenik from Six of Crows be great? She’s funny, she’s witty, and you know she’d encourage all my dream sweet treats!

A character who would parent everyone

Molly Weasley. I wouldn’t have to cook a thing, and she’d knit me a Weasley jumper (at last!).

A character who would plan games and other activities

Magnus Bane. There would be no boring board games for sure!

A character who would rather cozy up in blankets and sleep/laze around all day

This might be because I watched the film and have wanted to reread the book since, but Bridget Jones. Give her a glass of wine and she’d cosy up and entertain all day long!

A character who had to cancel other plans to be here

Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries. I know she’s busy ruling Genovia these days, but she could swing a minibreak, right?

A character who brought their work along with them

Ciara from Wicked Game. Her work at a radio station full of vampire DJs is EXACTLY the sort of work I’d be cool with someone bringing!

A character who would not leave their partner’s side

Alec Lightwood. Magnus is already coming, and the two of them are better together!

A character who is amused by everyone’s antics

Cardan Greenbriar. I wasn’t intending it to get so supernatural, but he knows how to enjoy himself without it being at the expense of mortals now, right?


This was so much fun! Tagging anyone who sees this and feels like planning their dream holiday. 😂

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