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January Wrap-Up

New year, new reads!


January hasn’t been an easy month for me, with a bunch of unexpected and entirely unwelcome health issues dragging over from 2020 (its parting gift, I’m sure). So it started with a reading slump, but progressed remarkably well, all things considered…


I started January with The Cousins. I expected to like it; I didn’t know I’d adore it so much, it would pull me out of an I-can’t-concentrate-on-words-to-read-anything slump. Starting with a good gush, here: my first January read was amazing!

In five emojis: 🤯😱☠️🎭🏝


Ready to read again, I dove into something I’d been excited for for a long time: How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories. Of course I expected to love it (I adored everything else in the Folk of the Air series, as mentioned here, here, and here), but I’d waited so long, it was almost like there was a reluctance to read from the anticipation. Weird, but I pulled through–and I’m glad I did!

In five emojis: 😈🌱🗡🔮📚


So, having braved the hype inside my own head to read Elfhame, I decided to run full-speed ahead and go into something else I’d built up too much hype about: Ninth House. I’ve been putting this one off, or having near misses, for so long–only for it to live rent-free in my head at times I wasn’t even reading it. I burned through the final third in one evening, unable to stop turning the pages. Gush to come!

In five emojis: ☠️👻💩🖤🐍


My final January book followed the theme of all these reads, being vaguely dark and murdery: The Cheerleaders. I literally pulled this title out of an envelope (we all have to get through our TBRs somehow, right?), so it was a wild card–but it hit the spot! (And if you’ve read it, can we talk about that epilogue? Haunting.)

In five emojis: 🤔👀🙅🏻‍♀️⏮🔪


From crimes of passion to romantic passion: I think I’ll check out some fluffy romances throughout February, to boost this dark start to the year…


How was your reading January–and what’s your bookish February looking like?

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