Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Books I Meant to Read in 2020 but Didn’t Get To

Created by and with thanks to That Artsy Reader! It’s hard not to take this prompt personally. 😅



1. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo
Starting strong with this one! I meant to read Ninth House in 2019, when it came out, and somehow didn’t; I meant to read it in 2020, because I hadn’t read it in 2019; and now it’s 2021, and I want to read it because I didn’t read it in 2019 or 2020. I’ll read it, I swear…

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2. Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus
I love a good murder mystery, but I do have to be in the mood to binge one–the only reason I didn’t read this one in 2020 was because I read another Karen M. McManus, instead. It’s good to know I have this one in the bank for my next binge!


3. Again Again by E. Lockhart
I’m about to say the same thing two times in a row: I meant to read this one in a summer of romance reads, but it never happened…

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4. Anna K. by Jenny Lee
… But I mean, summer 2020 was an apocalypse of its own, so I can be forgiven, right?

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5. In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren
I SO wanted to read this one over Christmas, but to no surprise, it turned out I’d overstretched myself with too much work/blog/Instagram/making decorations/making handmade presents to get around to the Christmas reading I’d planned. Next year…


Do you feel bad bookworm guilt for failing your TBR, or is it just me?

18 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: (Five) Books I Meant to Read in 2020 but Didn’t Get To

Add yours

    1. Thank you! I actually just finished Ninth House (TTT is holding me accountable for all the books I say I’m going to read this year, haha!). It was an easy 4 star read for me, but certainly not an easy one!


  1. Great list! I’m sad that I didn’t get around to reading In A Holidaze last year cos I was so looking forward to it. Two Can Keep A Secret was a book that has been on my TBR for ages and I’m so happy to say that I finally ticked it off last year 😂 Once I got it into, I zoomed through (as always with McManus’ books)! I hope you get to read all of these this year and enjoy them!

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    1. Oh no! I love E. Lockhart’s earlier books but I will admit her two most recent releases (Again Again aside) haven’t been for me – was the style closer to that Genuine Fraud style, is that what put you off?

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