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Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling, Chapters 28-30

Thoughts on Chapters 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-21, 22-24, and 25-27!


Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Madness of Mr Crouch

  1. FINALLY, someone sends cave-dwelling Sirius some food. FINALLY.
  2. Though ‘a large ham, a dozen cakes, and some fruit’ probably isn’t the most useful offering. How quickly will that ham go off? How long-lasting will cake be?
  3. I’m overthinking this.
  4. But it’s in the name of my adored Sirius Black, so sod it.
  5. Oh, no. I forgot this is where Hermione gets lynched by mailed Bobotuber pus because Rita’s accusing her of cheating on Harry with Krum.
  6. Disappointed by the wizarding world’s misogynistic ways, but not surprised.
  7. And now there’s Nifflers! This chapter is all over the place, but I don’t hate the chaos.
  8. I love Nifflers.
  9. I’d love a Niffler.
  10. Really, when you’ve had a puppy, how much harder work can a Niffler be?
  11. And the mood sinks again with Ron realising the gold those Nifflers are digging for, in the best Care of Magical Creatures class ever, is disappearing Leprechaun gold, which reminds him of his family’s poverty.
  12. I get it, I do, but I also hope he eventually realises all the things he did have growing up, even if masses of money wasn’t one of them.
  13. Probably one of those things you can only really appreciate as an adult.
  14. More plot chaos: now we’re seeing the growing of the maze for the third Triwizard task–the only one I think I’d actually want to participate in.
  15. Krum dragging Harry off after that meeting to talk about Hermione has always been hilarious to me.
  16. But Mr Crouch’s madness is actually quite frightening, when you think about it. Talking to thin air and hallucinating it’s years before—no wonder Krum doesn’t want to be left alone with him.
  17. Harry’s right in what he says afterwards—he could’ve got Dumbledore’s help faster if Snape hadn’t got in his way while he tried, determined to be an antagonistic dickhead.
  18. I said it. I meant it, and I said it.
  19. #noragrets
  20. And in today’s episode of Snape Bad, Hagrid Good: Snape is a nuisance, and Hagrid, when he arrives, does what we’ve all wanted to do—pins Karkaroff up a tree and makes him apologise for being slimy and rude.
  21. One more time for the people at the back: I love Hagrid.


Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Dream

  1. I love that this chapter opens up with another Golden Trio Detective Conversation. Hermione providing cold logic, Ron getting it all wrong, and Harry falling somewhere in between, listening to it and letting it bounce off him, and eventually coming to the right conclusion—only for no one to believe him. I love these moments.
  2. I do agree with Ron on one point, though—I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn Snape could turn himself into a bat, either. Animagus Snape trying to one-up the Marauders.
  3. Of course, he eventually does go bat-like when he learns to fly without a broom in Hallows, so that’s another example of Ron being right when he’s emotional.
  4. Wrong about Krum attacking Crouch in the Forest, though—another example of Ron being wrong when he’s trying to be clever.
  5. And then, just to prove me right, we’ve got Harry questioning ‘Moody’ on whether or not he found Crouch afterwards—stumbling his way close to the dangerous truth without even realising.
  6. And another way I’m proved right: my love for Sirius, backed up by him writing Harry a letter to shout at him for wandering off into the Forest with Krum when he knows there’s someone inside Hogwarts trying to kill him. SOMEONE had to tell Harry that.
  7. And now I’ve got myself all up in my feels about Sirius, and I feel sad.


Chapter Thirty: The Pensieve

  1. Harry has a vision of Voldy yelling at Wormtail for letting Crouch escape, right in the middle of Divination—and I was about to say there’s no worse place for that to happen than around Trelawney, all over him for the gory details of an assumed psychic moment–but it’s probably the easiest place to escape from, at least. Imagine if Harry tried to stalk out of McGonagall’s class mid-vision, or Snape’s, or poor Hagrid’s?
  2. But to the point: he goes straight to Dumbledore and overhears Fudge, in Dumbledore’s office to investigate Crouch’s disappearance, being a bigot about Madame Maxime–as if we needed another reason to loathe the man.
  3. And what worse a moment to try to eavesdrop than when you’re accidentally around Mad-Eye Moody.
  4. Once more, Harry stumbles into danger: dipping his nose into the Pensieve without having a clue what it is, ignoring the fact that the last time he did something similar, he wound up in Tom Riddle’s corrupt memory. Come on, Harry.
  5. This is why he’s not in Ravenclaw.
  6. This is why Gryffindors get a bad rep for being idiots.
  7. Saying that as a Gryffindor.
  8. (Lions for the cup!)
  9. I do enjoy the Pensieve trial scenes, though—I enjoy any scene that lets us see the larger wizarding world, and anything that makes slimy Karkaroff squirm.
  10. I also think these trials are the first time we see or hear of Bellatrix Lestrange, and I know lots of people glamourise her for the kooky Helena Bonham Carter portrayal–and Helena was my favourite actress at the time—but Helena’s portrayal is PG, and Bellatrix is awful and evil, and I hate Bellatrix even more than I hate Voldemort.
  11. Almost as much as I hate Umbridge, but I feel like hating Umbridge the most is a given.
  12. I just don’t get how people can glorify Bellatrix, is my point.
  13. Especially after reading this part, where she’s remorseless about torturing Neville’s parents into insanity.
  14. Sickening.
  15. Sort of like Dumbledore confessing he’s in correspondence with Sirius—meaning he knew Sirius was living in a cave, off rats, and did nothing about it.
  16. Except suggest he stay there.
  17. Back to disliking Dumbledore. What a novelty for me.

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  1. I love reading your thoughts on The Goblet of Fire! “Once more, Harry stumbles into danger: dipping his nose into the Pensieve without having a clue what it is, ignoring the fact that the last time he did something similar, he wound up in Tom Riddle’s corrupt memory. Come on, Harry….This is why he’s not in Ravenclaw.” This is hilarious!

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