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August Wrap-Up/September TBR

August: the Twilight renaissance!


I started August waiting for Midnight Sun; so, not wanting to start anything new, I continued my True Blood reread with #9, Dead and Gone. I always say the same thing about these books, and I’m saying it again: it was a fun palette-cleanser between other anticipated reads.


By the time I finished, I was still waiting for Midnight Sun. I was about to start True Blood #10 when I realised I’d missed out some of the additional True Blood material: so I reread one of the short story collections, A Touch of Dead.


And then, finally: Midnight Sun arrived! Oh, how I’d waited and longed for this one–only to decide, two chapters in, to read it in tandem with Twilight and the graphic novels. Review to come when I’ve properly collected my thoughts!


Reading Twilight in tandem with Midnight Sun made me glad that Bella is at least less wordy than Edward, and it went faster!


And as mentioned, I also read the graphic novels in tandem. There’s a lot to be said about how these change the order of some plot points, but that’ll be for a Thoughtful Thursday to come!


And that was my August–rounded up by starting the next in my Twilight reread, New Moon! My September TBR looks sparse, and equally vampy as August. That’s largely because I’ll (finally!!) finish my degree in September–until then, I want some easy, familiar, unchallenging reads, and after then, I want to be free to select some books at random. Big month ahead for me!


What’s your bookish September looking like?

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