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Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling, Chapters 10-12

Thoughts on Chapters 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9!


Chapter Ten: Mayhem at the Ministry

  1. The Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione make it back from the Quidditch World Cup (relatively) unscathed, and Mrs Weasley races to Fred and George; sobbing, distraught that her last words to them could’ve been rage about their bad O.W.Ls performance. You know you’re reading as an adult when you relate to that fear.
  2. That started dark. Welcome to the post!
  3. The Daily Prophet reports the ‘trouble’ at the World Cup, and the article, of course, was written Rita Skeeter. First mention of her. How Harry will wish it was the last.
  4. Hermione and Percy argue over Mr Crouch dismissing Winky, and I really like it: it distinguishes Hermione from the know-it-all, Goody-Two-Shoes, teacher’s pet she seemed in the first part of Philosopher’s Stone, versus the stubborn, determined, fighter for the voiceless she becomes.
  5. Also, it really highlights that Percy could have been her destiny. She could’ve been female Percy. Frightening.
  6. Is anyone sad when he disappears for a bit? From Phoenix to Hallows?
  7. Apart from Mrs Weasley?
  8. I wasn’t.
  9. I’m still mad he lived and Fred died.
  10. Back to the chapter: while Hermione’s outraged for elfish welfare, Ron’s outraged about his new awful dress robes. When you consider how he felt at the Cup, over the Omnioculars and the Leprechaun gold, his poverty is really becoming a downer for him–and it’s really hard not to feel for him.
  11. Like, I know he’s very rich in other ways–he had a glowing childhood with a wonderful family, unlike minted orphan Harry; his family can be involved in and understand every aspect of his life, without feeling like he’s split between two worlds, unlike wealthy Muggleborn Hermione–but it’s easy to understand why he’s self-conscious of it and jealous of his friends. And I do really admire the handling of that theme in these books. Magic doesn’t solve everything.
  12. Still rude of him to say everything he owns is rubbish when he’s handling Pigwidgeon, though. That owl was a gift from the Right Honourable Sirius Black, whose Gringotts fortune doesn’t stop him having to live on rats, and he still thinks of your well-being. Be grateful. Have some respect.


Chapter Eleven: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

  1. It’s September 1st! Officially Back to Hogwarts morning—and as they race around The Burrow to get ready, none of the wizarding characters could have any idea that on that day, even Muggles count down the hours on the clock and swarm the King’s Cross. ❤️
  2. But before anyone leaves, Amos Diggory’s head pops up in the fireplace to alert Mr Weasley to an urgent problem with Mad-Eye Moody. The purpose of this is twofold: it sets up Sirius appearing in the Gryffindor fireplace later on, and Mad-Eye’s nine-month imprisonment in his own trunk. But it also makes me wonder if Mrs Weasley would be so polite to Amos, offering him toast from the rack, if she’d known what a tool he’d been to Harry as they waited for the Portkey.
  3. I have visions of her poking him in the face with the fire tongs, and they’re glorious.
  4. Still can’t believe he’s the catalyst for Cursed Child.
  5. Still can’t believe Cursed Child, for that matter.
  6. They deserve each other.
  7. There are no Ministry cars to take the crew to King’s Cross this year, and the image of them cramming into Muggle taxis… I can’t.
  8. How much would that cost, as well? I have to pay £25 to get home from a night out, nine miles away. Two taxis, all those pets, and all that distance?
  9. Hope the Muggle drivers don’t mind being paid in coins the size of hubcaps.
  10. The train arrives at Hogsmeade, and here’s a realisation to strike you down: this will be the last time Harry rides to the castle in what he assumes to be a horse-less carriage.
  11. But before that grim thought can sink too far, Hagrid’s waving at them from across the storm—and if Hagrid’s there, we must be going home.


Chapter Twelve: The Triwizard Tournament

  1. Lots of info-dumping in this chapter; including the mention of Padma Patil; who I don’t think we’ve ever heard of before now, thrown into conversation because she’ll be Ron’s Yule Ball date.
  2. Two books from now, Lavender’s going to wish she’d gone with Ron, after all.
  3. She’d have been better off. Would’ve made more sense. Also, Seamus could’ve gone with his one true love, Dean.
  4. I don’t like Seamus, but I do ship them.
  5. Also convenient: the weather, a blustering storm, right when Mad-Eye turns up, looking like a horror movie.
  6. I love Mad-Eye. With the possible exception of Fleur and Bill, he’s my favourite of the characters we meet in Goblet.
  7. Dumbledore announces the Triwizard Tournament, and Harry goes to bed dreaming of the glory it could give him—and oh, Harry, you sweet summer child, how you’ll live to regret that

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